Tyree kartrell is a music artist and producer

in atlanta, Ga

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Music is a world within itself, with a language we all can understand ”

— Stevie Wonder



Who is Tyree Kartrell

Tyree Kartrell is a talented Singer/Producer/Musician originally from Columbus, OH making his mark in the music game. Raised into a musical family, his Father was a gospel artist, and Tyree's mother is a singer as well. Tyree's musical talent was noticed early at the age of 3 when he could not only sing, but pick out harmonies from songs.  That ear eventually moved him to the piano. As a child he could play any melody. He says ”My parents entered me into a music conservatory, but my instructor felt that my ear was too strong. And they wanted me to develop that talent". And he did. He could play almost any song you threw at him. But, he lost his drive for music as sports entered his life. He was a talented athlete. Played basketball, ran track, and even gymnastics. However music was always an integral part of his life. Music kept him busy both at church and school. He was always a part of band (played drums and percussion) and chorus. Then when Tyree Kartrell reached his senior year of high school he was encouraged by his chorus instructor to audition for a music scholarship. "I was going to school for graphic design". He says. "Music as a career was not my plan". But he auditioned and by surprise he was awarded a scholarship to a school in Tennessee where lived. And from there his life changed. Music was now not only a part of his life, but it became his life. In 1999 Tyree Kartrell left Tennessee, and moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue his music. In 2000 he became a keyboardist and Young Adult Choir Director at Travelers Rest Baptist Church, which he held for 3 years. From there he was blessed to serve as Music Director and Minister of Music at 5 other ministries. Tyree is passionate about his craft, and making good music. He is committed to bringing quality feel good music that spreads the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ, the kind of music that touches your soul. He's worked with many artists from R&B, Gospel, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Neo-Soul. And Tyree is striving to enter that bigger stage so his music can be heard and felt by everyone. He is currently working on his debut CD, which will be completed by the 4th quarter of 2020. Until then he will drop a few singles until the release of his album. So be on the lookout!!


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